CHP officers said that when they arrived at the scene they saw plumes of smoke from people performing burnouts. My school had an arrangement with the New Orleans Philharmonic where we would hear the symphony several times a year, so I had a pretty wide exposure to two genres of music, funky jazz street beats and classical music. People today might hum while they play to achieve something similar, but I dont think that was what he was doing. When my teacher moved, his wife gave me about 600 boxes of Mitchell Lurie 5.5 reeds. So a few months later, the barber shop that was there closed, and my mom got the bright idea of opening up next door and being legal. Leave a Review. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. She said the Police Department has a zero-tolerance stance regarding street takeovers/street racing.. Both the suspects vehicle and the CHP cruiser were damaged, but none of the officers in the cruiser were injured, according to a social media post by the CHP Baldwin Park station. Early on, I emulated Jerry Fuller, clarinetist with the Dukes of Dixieland. BR: How are you faring with this pandemic we are all suffering through, and how are you coping with the sudden change in livelihood and lifestyle? Sept. 7, 2022 2:33 PM PT. MAY. Jazz funerals and parades passed in front of my home several times each month. [8], She has been featured in numerous documentaries about New Orleans, its heritage, and its music, including several profiles by WWOZ, New Orleans' Jazz radio station including a video profiles and audio programs, and dozens of articles from major newspapers and magazines around the world. This cool kids outdoors club will introduce you to L.A.s best asset, Hong Kong will lift its mask mandate Wednesday, its last major COVID restriction, Burbank aborted landing was latest close call for U.S. flights. And Im like, well I dont want to play that now! Earlier in his career, he worked for Eastsider L.A. I used to play alto sax in school, and Ive been trying to translate that into learning the clarinet (started mid 2020). Doreen Ketchens (born October 3, 1966) is an American jazz clarinetist who performs Dixieland and Trad Jazz.She has performed at concert halls, music festivals, and U.S. embassies, as well as in decades of weekly performances in Dixieland's tradition in the Royal Street Performing Arts Zone in the French Quarter of New Orleans with her band, Doreen's Jazz New Orleans. A driver who allegedly rammed his vehicle into a police cruiser while attempting to flee a street takeover in Pomona was arrested along with 26 other people at the illegal event Sunday, according to the California Highway Patrol. Like many of New Orleans' musicians, Ketchens grew up in the Trem. You want to move the audience, you want to touch them. Funny 1. Police issued eight parking citations and a moving citation and impounded a vehicle, according to Pomona police spokesperson Aly Mejia. They had a pageant every year, which was a fundraiser, and it was around Mardi Gras time. How did he do that? Then, I listened to the clarinetists who played with him: Edmund Hall, Buster Bailey, Barney Bigard. The only relief I got in that class was when Mr. Marsalis stopped trashing me in class to start trashing Harry! [citation needed]. Doreen's Jazz New Orleans is a Dixieland and Traditional Jazz band created and led by clarinetist Doreen Ketchens. Where to See Live Music in New Orleans, Top 8 Things to Do in Algiers Point Neighborhood, NOLA History: Andrew Higgins, The Man Who Won The War. "She" is Doreen Ketchens, whose venue for her brand of jazz is right in front of Rouses Market at St. Peter and Royal streets. I made fine grades, and kept up musically, I just didnt think I was! I saw her yesterday on Royal St. May. You dont want to sound like youre playing an etude book. I encourage readers to visit my website:, where you can learn more about me and where you can purchase recordings, and even get in touch with me yourself! Im like, Man, we aint never had no pop quiz, we aint gonna have no pop quiz, are you crazy? But sure enough, when we got back up to the class, there was a pop quiz. Ill hear something he plays, which Ive heard thousands of times, and Ill think, What? He passed by me, then backed up and said Ms. As the bandleader of Doreens Jazz New Orleans, Doreen and her band have become ambassadors for the city of New Orleans, campaigning for her beloved hometown and its well-known traditional Jazz music through performance and education. She has been featured in numerous documentaries about New Orleans, its music, and its heritage, and she has been seen on television in shows like HBO's Treme. FREE Weekly Roundup! ), Louisiana State University (M.M. Early on, 12 hours a day. It was so beautiful, you know, it was sleek, it was silver. About Doreen Ketchens. BR: There is a protocol for claiming a spot on the street in New Orleans. Come and be amazed. That's when I discovered Doreen on YouTube. Its been about a month since I did a YouTube lesson. on April 1. Doreen's Jazz New Orleans is a Dixieland and Traditional Jazz band created and led by clarinetist Doreen Ketchens. Find 35 listings related to Ketchens Jim Realty in Pomona on [3], Ketchens began playing in Jackson Square with her first band, the Jackson Square All-Stars. Sometimes having someone sit in is a pleasure, and other times, youre looking at your watch, waiting for them to leave! Rain or shine, Doreen's magnetic performance draws crowds to the corner of Royal and St. Peter each. I would steal so many of his solos just so I could keep up with my husbands band. CBS News She is, after all, a classically-trained musician. Published September 6, 2022. NS: At what point in all this do you say to yourself, not only am I good at the clarinet, but I could continue to study and become a professional musician? Lineup: ----- Doreen Ketchens Find Local Concerts: When the first question came to me, I got it wrong. He gave me some advice which I didnt really understand, then he said retrogression. I still didnt understand him, but he said it again, then showed me on the piano. Someone will come up and say, Can I sit in? And, well say, Sure, you can play one or two songs. Sometimes we have to say, Thank you, thank you, just to get them to not play any more. Los Angeles, Review: A reimagined Secret Garden fails to flower anew at the Ahmanson Theatre, A record 6,542 guns were intercepted at U.S. airports in 2022, How to have the best Sunday in L.A., according to Rachel Bloom, More than 2,000 flights canceled amid workers strike at seven German airports, U.S. State Department warns to avoid parts of Mexico over ongoing violence, kidnappings. BR: Tell us about the equipment you play. As a middle schooler, she would fake a headache to get out of a quiz or gym class, but her acting abilities still have yet to help in her career trajectory. Show More Events. Shell never forget her most important mission to make music accessible and shared with everyone. New Orleans jazz clarinet queen Doreen Ketchens is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Get 2023 tour dates, venue details, concert reviews, photos and more at Bandsintown. Doreen introduced her daughter, Dorian Ketchens-Dixon, when she was nine, as a drummer at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for one song in a set. NS: Well the clarinet and your experience on the street has carried you worldwide. Doreen has been called "Queen Clarinet," "the female Louis Armstrong," and "Lady Louie." She has a quick smile . Public performance. 11:00a to 3p., weather permitting. Depending on how much money you raised, you could be in the queens court. But New Orleans jazz musician Doreen Ketchens has garnered much acclaim over the years for her incredible talent with the clarinet. I needed some rehearsals, I thought! In front of 701 Royal St. Friday - Sunday, 10:30 am-2:30pm About Us! DK: I started at Delgado Community College, and while there, I studied with George Jensen, a trumpet player at the New Orleans Phil, until he had a stroke and couldnt play anymore. I hope it sets the record straight about what is needed. Even after playing alongside other famed musicians, such as Macy Grey and The Black Crows, and performing for several dignitaries, including four U.S. presidents, Doreen has never forgotten where she started. She also completed an internship with the symphony in Hartford. (Photo: Adriana Lopez). ), it could also be called Clarinet City. There are more professional clarinetists living and working in New Orleans than any other American city, except, perhaps, for Washington, D.C. because of all of the military bands stationed there. I learned a lot from him! I Was There. To this day, you can still catch them performing there frequently, in between attending festivals and performing at schools around the world to educate students of all ages. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. It stars Jon Taffer (a long-time food and beverage industry consultant specializing in nightclubs and pubs), who offers his professional expertise, access to service industry experts, and renovations and equipment to desperately failing bars in order to save them from closing. Id start out transcribing solos, then playing by ear, copying what those clarinetists were doing. We were supposed to play with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) in March of 2020, which, of course, was postponed because of COVID. 31K views 5 years. Press J to jump to the feed. So, I looked out of the window, like I did most days, and I prayed, saying, God, if you can get me out of this test, Ill do anything! Almost simultaneously, the principal spoke over the loudspeaker, and she said, Anyone interested in joining the band, report immediately to the bandroom. I was saved by the bell! ). [5] She ran a plate lunch eatery called "Doreen's Sweets" for a time until she and Lawrence kept passing musicians working the streets of New Orleans, and she told him that they could make money doing that. I started playing jazz because I fell in love with a tuba player! In a two-day operation targeting illegal street takeovers, LAPD arrests one person wanted for attempted murder and another wanted for hit-and-run. Doreen Ketchens is a regular on Royal Street, the home for street performers in New Orleans French Quarter. Were doing the Court of Two Sisters brunch Sunday, so thats perfect. She is an amazing clarinetist AND a buttery smooth, expressive singer. I dont like using savings, as opposed to saving savings, but thank God we had savings! We'd start at 9 in the morning and play until 9 or sometimes even until 11 at night! While police attempted to block in the vehicles, one driver allegedly rammed his car into a CHP cruiser. She is famous for being one of the best clarinet-players in the Crescent City, holding forth from her regular spot on Royal street in the famous French Quarter. Buy tickets for Doreen Ketchens concerts near you. Discover more artists to follow & sync your music. Of all the clarinetists in the city, only one is sometimes called Lady Louis, or the Female Louis Armstrong, or Queen Clarinet. Doreen Ketchens has been performing in New Orleans, mostly on Royal Street, for decades. I played those until 2018, but I played them so much that I wore indentations through the beak of the mouthpiece. [5],, This page was last edited on 18 October 2022, at 22:47. Log In. Listen, listen, listen! Oh, man, I just learned about you. I started playing clarinet in the fifth grade. And I was looking around at the instruments and stuff, and I said, Wow, I saw a flute. People would come to sit in, and they could play circles around me. . FOX 11. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Doreen Ketchens playing on Royal Street in the French Quarter. He was my clarinet teacher, principal clarinetist with the New Orleans Symphony. Most of the people were arrested on suspicion of spectating or participating in the takeover. Click To Visit, CD's can be purchased via Venmo by request: @DoreenKetchens (Leave Order & Mailing address in Comments. A stylistically unique ensemble from day one, the members of Doreen's Jazz have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if theyd been together their entire musical careers. Ketchens has performed for four U.S. presidents: Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter,[1] and was described by in 2012 as one of the cultural ambassadors of New Orleans.[2]. Royal Street Performing Arts Zone. I said, Wow Im gonna play the flute. And so when the teacher came up, he asked everybody to look around the room and hed ask each one what they wanted to play. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. The couple began performing on the streets of New Orleans in 1987.[5]. Jazz & Music festivals Doreen Ketchens has performed at: Fan and media videos of her performances have been seen globally by millions of people on YouTube and other social media outlets with one video by the NOLA Insider Guide on Facebook reaching more than 3.9M people by October 2015. Doreen Ketchens, on clarinet, and her band play Royal Street, New Orleans. I Was There. I was warming up, and Mr. Marsalis walked in. (Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times) April 14, 2019 7 AM PT Great to read the article on New Orleans (". He previously worked for Courthouse News Service, where he wrote both breaking news and enterprise stories ranging from criminal justice to homelessness and politics. People tell me all the time, Oh, your sound is so beautiful, but Im really still chasing the Stanley sound! You need to find your voice so that your personality can come out in your playing. By clicking Sign Up, I confirmthat I have read and agreeto the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Their styles at the time were against what I was studying, trying to get a perfect classical clarinet tone. He was a very gifted educator. For more information and updates about how New Orleans is addressing the Covid-19 outbreak including restaurants that are currently open for takeout and delivery please visit, Doreen Ketchens playing on Royal Street in the French Quarter. Doreen's Jazz, performing on Royal Street in front of Rouse's Market in the French Quarter. [1] Videos of the group by fans, news, and entertainment organizations have been seen by millions of people on the Internet and the group has recorded more than 20 CDs or DVDs of the group's work. The Jazz Scene: Queen Clarinet: Interview with Doreen Ketchens. . A very special evening of New Orleans Jazz with Doreen Ketchens and Doreen's Jazz New Orleans! As California continues to deal with the wrath of the winter storms, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for more than a dozen counties. DK: Yes, all the time! Early on, 12 hours a day. Walking down Royal Street on a sunny afternoon, you are very likely to find Doreen Ketchens wailing on her clarinet, leading an enthusiastic band and delighting passersby with her vibrant personality and bold, joyful sound. As long as people dont overstay their welcome. To this day, Doreen continues to perform at Jazz festivals around the world, including her annual spot in the economy tent at Jazz Fest. Hes a rocket scientist too. The California Highway Patrol established a Street Racing Task Force that focuses on combating illegal street racing and sideshows. The name eventually evolved to Doreens Jazz New Orleans, making Doreen the first female bandleader. [7], Ketchens performed her first jazz gig with Lawrence at the 1987 Republican National Convention. Ben Redwine: Good afternoon, Mrs. Ketchens, it is a pleasure to speak with you! Doreen Ketchens is no ordinary street musician. Her tips and lessons she has on her channel are too advanced for me, yet, but I can't get enough of watching her slay and would kill to see her play in person and show a token of my appreciation. In total, 27 people were arrested that night and 19 vehicles were impounded, according to CHP officials. In 2006, she was part of a program for South African cultural exchange with the Field Band Foundation that was sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Jazz at Lincoln Center in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Doreen Ketchens: I was born in the Treme, and you know, in the Treme theres lots of music, but we lived on St. Phillips Street, and I went to this nursery school called Marietta Bottery [SP]. ), and The Catholic University of America (D.M.A.). Doreen Ketchens and her family perform on Doreen's corner. She was tasked with learning how to play the clarinet her second choice, after all the other girls signed up for the flute. Lets jump right in! He had ways of communicating which flew over your head, but you might actually catch a few stars, you know? Two felony arrests were made for assault on a peace officer, possession of a firearm and possession of drugs. When we think of a musician shredding out a killer solo, it's usually the guitar or the drums that first come to mind. So, he was Uncle Al after that. Thats when I discovered Doreen on YouTube. So, I started to look for a new mouthpiece, and I saw the DAddario marbled mouthpiece. They have performed with programs sponsored by Jazz at Lincoln Center and The US Department of State. So I told my mom, I ran home, I said, Mom we have to raise some money because I want to be queen, and all this other stuff, and she said, Well what Ill do is Ill just sell a little candy out of the front door, and thats what she did. To hear the full program, tune in Saturdays at 5 and Sundays at 6 on WWNO, or listen at Id find a recording of the song we were supposed to play, and just play along, figuring out the tune, and what to play to sound good. Despite that, they found success with their street shows, and eventually through jazz festivals and sales of their albums.. And they called it Doreens Sweet Shop because the reason it all started was because of me wanting to be queen. In front of 701 Royal St. Friday - Sunday, 10:30 am-2:30 pm, Proudly created by Jesse Hellmann-Contact Web Designer Here. I have a gold-plated Selmer that I had pinned so many times my repairman said, Doreen, you need to retire this instrument. So, I did. I remember Honey Child. Its a pretty simple song, but, for some reason, I just couldnt figure it out. The California Highway Patrol followed the group to the location and closed off a street, blocking in the vehicles. I found a set of clarinets and they came with two Kaspar mouthpieces, which I fell in love with. 155. DK: I always have saved for a rainy day, but I didnt know it would be a rainy year! For all of the nicknames for New Orleans (the Big Easy, the Crescent City, etc. The group has toured the world, and performs in the Royal Street Performing Arts zone in the French Quarter of New Orleans, at jazz festivals, fairs, showcases, and concert halls. Back then, girls played certain instruments and boys played certain instruments. [5] In junior high school, her band director, Donald Richardson, stayed on her for not practicing, and there was a boy that she was trying to impress. Now, in my class with Mr. Marsalis was another musician, Harry Connick, Jr. Jupiter and Venus meet for rare conjunction. Doreen Ketchens' guitarist. He was a wonderful teacher and could explain what you had to do in a way which was so clear. DK: You know for me, it was just, I was on a track. We created our own gigs by playing out on the street, and weve gone many places in the world from the street from that very corner. WAS There a House in New Orleans They Called The Rising Sun? Nick Spitzer: Sounds like you kind of became a queen of the neighborhood just by having your name on the sweet shop. 13th, 2017. He would also later become her arranger and band member, but, at the time, it was through Lawrence that the classically trained clarinetist found a passion for Jazz. Today, she is one of the regular drummers backing the group. Thats fantastic, thank you!! Doreen ran an eatery called Doreens Sweets until she and Lawrence realized they could make money following their first passion, music, after seeing so many musicians seemingly do so on the streets. [2] The group has been featured in numerous articles, including New Orleans' Jazz radio station's Busker Blog. [9] Professional performances and performances in feature films and television programs include: On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Get our L.A. Did you have any contact with them when you were growing up? Why, you might ask, is this classically trained phenom, who has played for four presidents; who was dubbed "Lady Louis" and whose sound has been compared to the great Sidney Bechet, performing "al fresco" on the streets of NOLA?Two simple answers: She carries on the fine heritage of live music played in the streets of the Big Easy for more than a century, and, because you will, after listening for a few moments, be more than happy to pay for your listening pleasure with a generous tip, or, more often, by taking home one of Doreen's wonderful CDs as a treasure of your visit and your time with her.Royal Street - French Quarter, Royal Street & St. Peter is where you'll meet her! The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation presents Doreen Ketchens in concert on Friday, December 16, 2022, at the George and Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center (1225 N. Rampart Street). Your email address will not be published. Planning a visit to New Orleans? There are so many good clarinetists out there, and they want the jobs too. Ellis Marsalis was my ear training teacher at NOCCA where I was strictly a classical player. BR: Thank you for sharing your life with the readers of The Clarinet! Still to this day, nobody plays like Stanley. I saw her yesterday on Royal St. Royal Street Performing Arts Zone. He is my biggest influence. Photo credit: Diane Danthony ( Useful 2. Doreen Ketchens, Royal St, New Orleans, LA, Music Shows - MapQuest Hotels Food Shopping Coffee Grocery Gas Find Best Western Hotels & Resorts nearby Sponsored Go United States Louisiana New Orleans Doreen Ketchens Royal St New Orleans LA 70130 (504) 908-7119 Claim this business (504) 908-7119 Website More Directions Advertisement Website This is another collection of great traditional jazz and gospel. It was a very common instrument. In front of the rouses around 12:30pm. Link: Doreen . Ketchens has played with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Royal St. @ St. Peter St., Friday - Sunday, 11am - 1pm. [7] Ketchens has been sharing traditional American Jazz in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, South America, Russia and the United States. Royal Street Performing Arts Zone. They would practice marching, and pass right in front of my house. BR: Who were your musical idols when you were learning your instrument? According to CHP- Baldwin Park Office, while one person was attempting to leave, they intentionally rammed into a CHP patrol vehicle. Find hidden gems and get insider information on NOLAs best restaurants, bars, attractions, and events every week. I approached Mr. Marsalis, and said, You know, I need some help. He was a perfectionist. The group has toured the world, and performs in the Royal Street Performing Arts zone in the French Quarter of New Orleans, at jazz festivals, fairs, showcases, and concert halls. He had this sound! The vast majority of arrests were for spectating and/or participating in an illegal street takeover. Jazz clarinetist and music educator Doreen Ketchens is famous for her performances on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It was under the guidance of her junior high school band director that she was pushed into practicing more, and in high school, while attending John F. Kennedy High School, she was accepted into the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts an arts conservatory for Louisiana high school students, responsible for graduates like Wynton Marsalis, Jon Batiste, Wendell Pierce, Trombone Shorty, Harry Connick Jr, and Terrance Osborne, among others. Royal Street Performing Arts Zone. And back then, you know, you had girl instruments and you had boy instruments. Here she performs the traditional "Didn't He Ramb. When its really busy, sometimes well still play for 8 hours. He caught my eye and said, Come in! We started talking about Rachel, music, and my audition earlier that day. As I got older, I remember one of my first recordings with Kermit Ruffins. Before you knew it, almost every girl wanted to play the flute. Get up to speed with our Essential California newsletter, sent six days a week. She is our main drummer. I was destroying these beautiful instruments in the weather, so Im glad I found this composite clarinet. That same year, Doreen played the Republican National Convention. DK: I grew up in the Treme neighborhood. Doreen Ketchens is one of New Orleans' most visible street musicians. Enter your email address for updates from our sister site,, on all the best things happening in New Orleans. For musician Doreen Ketchens, however, it was the decision to sign up for the school band in order to get out of a pop quiz that led her to become a world-renowned clarinetist today. Recorded live on April 5, 2012 with a Nikon D800 DSLR using a Rode Vid. Ive been teaching private lessons online, and I did weekly clarinet lessons on my YouTube channel, but we had to stop once the storms started we are still cleaning up from that. I looked in, and there was Mr. Batiste. While Ketchens may prefer playing on the street, she has also demonstrated her ability to play with a classical orchestra. In the meantime, my husbands father passed away, then shortly after, my father passed away, so we moved back to New Orleans. Now it's time to discover her yourself. He used to call me Ms. Joseph, my maiden name. Rudy Reyes talks about his time on 'Special Forces: World's Toughest Test', Southern California storm: Region hit with heavy rain, mountain snow, gusty winds, Look outside! Give me, a kiss to build a dream on . Doreen Ketchens (born October 3, 1966) is an American jazz clarinetist who performs Dixieland and Trad Jazz. Doreen J. Ketchens Click for SMASHING VIDEO New Orleans, Louisiana 701 Royal Street & St. Peter contact number (504)908-7119 Youtube : Doreens Jazz New Orleans If I knew then what I know now, Id be a much better clarinetist and musician than I am today. Log In. Come out an jam! BR: Please tell us about your band and its instrumentation. Want this Picture? Throughout the course of the bands union, they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music. 13th, 2017. She began playing in Jackson Square with her first band, the Jackson Square All-Stars. Los Angeles, Review: A reimagined Secret Garden fails to flower anew at the Ahmanson Theatre, High school basketball: Southern California and Northern California Regional results and updated pairings, Dennis Schroder leads depleted Lakers to crucial win over Thunder, Student debt is a crisis: Activists rally outside Supreme Court for loan forgiveness, An assault and fatal stabbing in the middle of class at a Santa Rosa high school, With unfounded fraud claims swirling, red California county dumps Dominion voting machines, Man arrested in connection to 7 bombings in Fresno has links to hate group, authorities say, Vote on LAPD transit patrols sparks City Hall debate over safety on Metro system, UCLA, UCSF hospital nurses voice complaints about overcrowding, staffing shortages. He was a special man and musician! 290. Doreen Ketchens has been performing in New Orleans, mostly on Royal Street, for decades. I played Mitchell Lurie reeds in college. You know, the jazz clarinetists that I had heard, like George Lewis and others, I appreciated their tones and I respected them, but that was not my concept of tone at all. Nathan Solis is a Metro reporter covering breaking news at the Los Angeles Times. You know, I said Ill go to college, and Ill major in performance because we had listened to the symphony, we did a lot of things, you know, and I thought, you know playing the clarinet is something you can do for a living. Her silky, haunting voice and amazing skills on the clarinet will stay with you even after you leave. The sites Ive found that would have upcoming tour dates arent showing anything, but if anyone knows a better place to look (besides the first page of Google results) Id love to catch a show when were there Nov. 6-10, and Id really love to be able to show her some love in person (financially, not stalker-y) whether its buying tickets or throwing it in the hat. Tickets and RSVP information for Doreen Ketchens's upcoming concert at Royal Street Performing Arts Zone in New Orleans on Feb 17, 2022.
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